Book Review: A Lemon and a Star

A Lemon and a Star by Elizabeth C. Spykman
A Lemon and a Star 
by Elizabeth C. Spykman

4 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

The four Cares siblings run around the country side in 1907, running races, exploring the reservoirs, chasing after burglars, fighting their own private wars, and making secret trips into the city. They are constantly in trouble for dirtying their clothes, tearing their stockings, and coming home covered in mud, but they certainly have fun!
I really loved Jane in this first book, and was glad that a lot of the stories focused on her. She’s a sweet little girl with a big heart, and two troublesome brothers to look after. She is full of energy and emotion, and she rises up to every challenge.

I hated Theodore in this book, just as I have in every book in this series. He’s a bully. He’s selfish and downright mean to his siblings. He blames everyone else for his problems, instead of taking responsibility. He’s terrible, and I hate him.

The plot is wonderful, with lots of funny little adventures and misunderstandings! I love the charming writing style, and the beautiful country setting.

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