Book Review: Edie on the Warpath

Edie On The Warpath by Elizabeth C. Spykman
Edie On The Warpath 
by Elizabeth C. Spykman

4 out of 5 stars

Eleven-year-old Edie is declaring a war on men! Edie is tired of being told to act like a little lady, while her brothers have the freedom to play games and have fun all up and down the countryside. She hears about the suffragettes and tries to join one of their parades, but instead gets into trouble with the police.
Her stepmother entrusts her with the care of the youngest Cares siblings, hoping that it will settle Edie’s wild spirit with some responsibility, but Edie tries to train the littlest girls to romp through the fields, climb trees, and explore the streams of the woods.
Edie’s rebellious soul is maddened every time someone tells her, “You’re only a girl.” Edie plans to find the perfect way to prove to everyone, especially her own family, that she is so much more than “just a girl.”

I absolutely adore Edie! She has the most disastrous ideas, and she is never boring. She has so much courage and hope in her little heart, and a beautiful capacity for trouble! She starts out with such good intentions, and I loved reading all the hilarious situations she finds herself in.Her poor family are beside themselves trying to figure her out, because she is so passionate about things and they don’t really understand what is going on in her head that causes her to misbehave.

I loved the interesting plot, and the lovely Cares family! I only wish I could find the first book in this series, but it’s out of print.

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