Book Review: Strawberry Girl

Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski
Strawberry Girl 
by Lois Lenski

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

I liked this book about a family who moves to a new farm in Florida, during the pioneer days, determined to make the farm a success with a beautiful orchard and strawberry grove.
Birdie is excited to become a Strawberry Girl, but is worried that the disgruntled neighbors will make trouble for her family. When the neighbor’s pigs and cows trample over the new strawberry plants, Birdie’s father is outraged and vows to fence in his property to keep them out. This begins a feud between the two farmers, but the farmer’s children are eager to make friends. Only Birdie and her forgiving mother can make peace between the warring neighbors, and make both farms a success!
I loved the authentic accents and idiomatic dialogue of the characters, and the rich history presented in this story! It’s also special to know that most of the stories here are true, and really happened to various pioneers, cattlemen, and farmers in those days.

This book reminds me strongly on the Little House on the Prairie series, but it’s missing the enchanting writing and I didn’t really identify or connect with the characters in this book as much as with Little House. The characters in this story are too ornery! I enjoyed reading this story, but it just can’t compare to Little House.

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