Book Review: Midwinter Nightingale

Midwinter Nightingale by Joan Aiken
Midwinter Nightingale (The Wolves Chronicles, #10) 
by Joan Aiken

3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads

Within hours of returning to England, Dido is kidnapped and interrogated regarding the whereabouts of the missing King Richard and his successor, Simon, Duke of Battersea. Dido has no idea where they are hiding, but she could never betray the good King and her kind friend Simon, so she turns her attention to escaping the fearful Fogrum Hall and the ghastly werewolf, Baron Magnus.
This plot is a little disjointed with random happenings everywhere, and once again, I was disappointed that all the villains keep accidentally dying all over the place. I wish that the villains were conquered by the heroes, instead of the heroes standing idly by while the villains mistakenly fall off a cliff or something. It’s so unsatisfactory that there is no struggling and fighting that ends in triumph! It ruins the suspense and leaves the ending a bit flat.

But Aiken’s imaginative writing is electrifying as you are pulled into the story. The characters are wonderfully magnetic and emotional, and I love reading everything about the delicious Dido!

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