Book Review: Death on the Lizard

Death on the Lizard by Robin Paige
Death on the Lizard (Kathryn Ardleigh, #12) 
by Robin Paige

3 out of 5 stars

Charles and Kate are visiting Cornwall to take a tour of Marconi’s wireless telegraph station. There are spies and saboteurs who want to steal the latest wireless technology, and Charles is asked to look into the mysterious deaths of two of Marconi’s employees. Meanwhile, Kate is trying to comfort a friend whose daughter drowned months before, and she finds out that the child’s death may have some connection to the spies sneaking around the countryside.

The plot is slow in the beginning, but picks up with a little more action towards the end. I wanted more character development in this one, but I did enjoy some of the character arcs. It just felt like there could have been a deeper story there, and it wasn’t as thoughtful as it might have been. 
Charles and Kate are barely together for the entire book. Just one tea together, one dinner, and one hurried letter, and for the rest of the book they are apart doing their sleuthing with other people. Boo! One of the main things that has kept me reading through this entire series is that I love Charles and Kate TOGETHER. So this one was a dud in that respect.

I was surprised that the characters participate in a seance. It was certainly a fad at the time, but I never expected these characters to take that sort of thing seriously. The seance scene seemed out of character in some ways, although I think Kate would only be interested in order to glean material for her writing. At least Charles thought it was humbug and refused to participate.

I liked reading about the historical aspects of the story, the beginning of the Marconi company, and the importance of wireless for ships at sea, etc… But even that got a little boring, because they kept repeating the same facts again and again.

Overall, a fun little read, but nothing special.

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