Book Review: The Gold Dust Letters

The Gold Dust Letters
The Gold Dust Letters by Janet Taylor Lisle

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Angela writes a letter to her fairy godmother, and is surprised when a fairy answers her letters. Angela and her friends become obsessed with reaching out to the fairy, determined to meet her and prove that fairy magic is real.

But this isn’t really a story about three girls discovering a fairy; it’s actually a story about a girl whose parents might get a divorce, and how she feels estranged from her father, and turns to her friends for comfort and advice.

This book was just sort of okay. The writing is nothing special. The characters are one-dimensional. The plot is boring.

The only interesting thing in the entire book is the girl who talks to animals, or at least she believes she can. And she’s obviously disturbed crazy-pants nutso, and not a character that you can relate to, since her animal thing is her only personality trait. She’s just the crazy girl in the background talking to squirrels. No depth at all.

I kept hoping that a little fairy magic would finally breathe some life into the story, but then I was even more disappointed in the treacherous ending. There are no magic adventures, only boring sleepovers. The dialogue is so mundane, I want to scream.

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