Book Review: The Soldiers of Halla

The Soldiers of Halla
The Soldiers of Halla by D.J. MacHale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so happy with this last book in the series. There were a lot of questions answered and mysteries solved, and somehow it all finally made sense. I loved seeing all the story threads from previous books coming together, and all the settings being revisited.

There was a big information dump near the beginning that got a little tedious, but at least all that stuff was explained finally. But other than that, the writing is (as always) funny, serious, well-paced, compelling, heart-wrenching, with a sense of urgency that keeps you reading.

I was completely riveted with the plot, the action, and the characters! I cried a few times, and I was laughing at other times. I was utterly invested in the story.

After sticking with these characters through 10 books, it was so rewarding to see them growing into these amazing people, coming into their own, and I was cheering them on, fighting their battles alongside them. They are like real people to me now.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead….




I was also weirded out by the very ending when Bobby somehow got to go back in time and become a little kid again and live a normal life. That didn’t make sense to me. Was he in some parallel existence? Because if they went back in time, then the whole timeline would be disrupted. Was it really Courtney and Mark and Bobby’s family and everyone back in StonyBrook living normal lives, or was it some Solara-powered mirage of life to give Bobby the illusion of having lived that original lifetime? It just didn’t jive with the rest of the story.

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