Book Review: The Secrets of Ordinary Farm

The Secrets of Ordinary Farm
The Secrets of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lucinda and Tyler are back for the summer at their mysterious Uncle’s farm. Lucinda is determined to become closer to the dragons, but with all the adventure and wild mystery going on, she barely has time to visit the dragons, until one of them reaches out to her in a surprising way.

Tyler continues his feud with the crusty Colin Needle, and both of them are snooping around the farm, spying on each other, desperate to find the secrets of the farm before the other.

This 2nd book lacks the structure of the 1st book, but still has a good plot and some imaginative turns. I was annoyed at Tyler for his stupid feud, and I was annoyed at Colin for being a jerk all the time. And I was annoyed at Lucinda for being scared and spineless all the time, but when it really counted she stepped up pretty well and showed some fortitude.

I was disappointed that there is even less about the actual dragons in this book than in the first one. When I read a book about dragons, I want at least 60% of the book to actually feature the dragons! They had maybe 3 scenes in the whole book. meh.

The writing is good and it draws you into the story. It’s easy to sit down to read a few pages, and look up several chapters later, because you are so interested in the story.

I was very dissatisfied with the ending. They went through all that adventure and suffering and suspense, and in the end nothing really changed. Just more questions and mysteries and enigmas. I suppose if the series is ever continued, there will be a real ending.

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