Series Review: May Bird Trilogy

May Bird and the Ever After
May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this book May Bird is whisked off to the land of the dead, called Ever After, and adventures her way across the land, searching for a way home. She makes some ghostly friends, and some enemies, in her quest to find the Book of the Dead which holds the answers to every question.

The writing is excellent, and there are many good characters. I just don’t like ghost stories. All the Halloween-style world building was not to my taste, but I think other people would enjoy that kind of setting.

The story takes a little while to finally get going, and then I really liked it! I loved May’s character. She is spunky and weird and brave! The people she meets are interesting and crazy and hilarious. So many wild characters!

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May Bird Among the Stars
May Bird Among the Stars by Jodi Lynn Anderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars
In this second May Bird book, May is fighting her way north to seek the help of the mysterious Lady of North Farm. With the help of her ghostly friends, May tries to find a way out of Ever After and back to the world of the living, but the evil tyrant, Bo Cleevil, is searching for her, and the only way out is to confront him directly.
Along the way, May and her crew meet friendly spirits, attend a few parties, sing a musical, and fight off zombies, evil ghouls, and goblins. They get frozen, half-drowned, turned into stone, imprisoned, and generally have some wild adventures.

Ever After is a creepy old place full of the dead, and I’m not usually a fan of ghost stories or Halloween-type stuff. But I really like this trilogy!

The characters grab onto your heart, and the plot is hilarious and interesting! The action just keeps coming, and I love the interactions and dialogue between May and her friends. You never quite know what shenanigans that crew is going to get up to!

May is a wonderful main character! She grows and changes and learns. She makes tough decisions and has regrets. She wants things that contradict each other. She wants to go home to Earth, but she also wants to stay and fight against Bo Cleevil. She’s quirky and weird and beautiful!

I liked this second book much more than the first one, because by now I’m attached to the characters!


May Bird, Warrior Princess
May Bird, Warrior Princess by Jodi Lynn Anderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A solid ending to this great trilogy! May is back in the Ever After, reunited with her ghostly friends, and hunted and hounded by her enemies once again. The plot moves quickly with tons of quirky and hilarious scenes. My favorite characters are back with the silly dialogue and camaraderie that warms my heart!

May is definitely a winsome character. She wants so badly to be “good”, to be brave, to be what her friends need her to be; but she also has this wild nature that leaves her fighting against herself. She often wishes that she could just fit in, but finally comes to accept that she was born to shine, born to be a warrior.

May and her friends crack me up! The whole ghostly crew is so much fun and I love their snappy dialogue and little heart-felt moments when they support and encourage each other. I’m so emotionally attached to all these characters now!

I still don’t really like the ghostly Halloween-type setting. The world building is VERY good, with lots of interesting details and excellent descriptions. But that kind of setting just doesn’t appeal to me with all the cobwebs and ghouls and slime. I loved the magical bits though, and the tour of the universe with stargazing being prominent in the plot!

I loved the ending! It was the perfect conclusion to this last book!

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