Book Review: Chivalrous

Chivalrous by Dina L. Sleiman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a nice fluff read, but I wasn’t really impressed or entertained. The plot is trite and predictable, the characters are obvious, and the writing tells instead of showing.

This is the story of Lady Gwendolyn, who longs to fight as a knight and sneaks into a tournament. She is wary of romance, because her father is a mean old tyrant, but she learns to love the low-born Sir Allen. Meanwhile, Sir Allen is determined to prove that despite his low birth, he is just as noble of heart as the other knights. Typical Medieval stuff, and utterly unoriginal.

I skimmed through most of it, just reading the first sentence of every paragraph and the dialogue, and I still got the entire story. There are a couple of good scenes, but most of it is very predictable and the same old Medieval things we’ve read a thousand times and seen in the movies.

The worst-written character was the villain, Sir Warner. He was a cardboard-cutout bad guy with all the cheesy dialogue and badly-laid evil plans. He even had a witch who foretold his future. Really? That’s just a rip-off of Robin Hood. That’s just sad.

The POV switches between Gwendolyn, Sir Allen, Sir Warner, and Gwendolyn’s maid, Rosalind. I hate it when the POV switches in the middle of a scene! That’s just ridiculous and completely unnecessary. Agh! Pet peeve. It takes a special author to pull off multiple POVs, and this author did it very badly.

The ending was way too convenient and left story threads hanging all over the place.
Still, I give it two stars for the couple of scenes that I liked.

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