Book Review: By the Grace of Todd

By the Grace of Todd
By the Grace of Todd by Louise Galveston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a cute book! I love the premise about tiny people being spawned on a gym sock! On the surface, this is your typical story of a middle-school kid trying to avoid bullies, wishing he could be one of the “cool kids”, and ultimately learning about friendship and how to stand up for himself.

But the addition of those tiny people makes it so unique and fun, especially once the little Toddlians start watching TV and reading the encyclopedia! Their out-of-place references to pop culture, John Wayne movies, Shakespeare, and Winston Churchill had me laughing in every chapter! It’s the details that make this story special!

I like the neighbor girl, Lucy, who is home-schooled for “hippie reasons”. I loved her intelligent and moral speeches. She’s a strong supporting character.

I was disappointed in Todd through nearly the entire book. He’s such a wimp, but at least he knows he’s a wimp and feels decently guilty about it. I thought his moral dilemma and search for courage took far too long. He should have stood up to those bullies much sooner! But once he finally got his heart in the right place, instead of being a selfish idiot, I liked him again.

The writing moves a bit slowly at first but picks up towards the middle and end. There are good descriptors and funny dialogue. I loved the little chapters from the perspectives of the tiny Toddlians. Seeing the world through their tiny eyes was a cute way to bring more interest to the story.

This book is full of gross boogers and farts and toe jam, so I know that boys will love it. And I know just the boys I’m going to give this book to!
My favorite bit is that Todd’s mom is a piano teacher! I’m a piano teacher too, so I empathized with her struggles. haha!

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